Five reasons you need a pair of wholecuts in your closet


1. Wholecut Oxfords Are Versatile

The one-piece construction of wholecut leather shoes means they are more formal by nature—the less features, the better. They can be worn with any outfit you pair with a jacket or your favorite work suit. Having them in every color ensures you have the right pair of formal shoes for every outfit. While wholecut shoes in black are best worn with a suit, a brown or tan wholecut can be the perfect shoe to wear with jeans too.

Due to their design, wholecuts’ closed-lace design is traditional in oxfords. With clean lines and no seams – these type of shoes stand out for the quality of the leather and the precision in construction. They represent the simplest and purest form of luxury shoe making.


2. The Minimalist Design

Minimalism is in and the simplicity of a wholecut oxford shoe adds a modern element to any outfit. The minimalist cut of wholecut oxfords draw attention without shouting for it—basically, you look good without trying too hard.

With wholecut oxford shoes you only have two seams: a single visible seam at the heel as well as the seam at the edge of the shaft. The minimalist design creates an emphasis on the clean aesthetics of the shoes and adds sophistication to your look.

The one-piece upper also makes wholecut shoes more durable and easy to wear, though with the closed lacing system of the wholecut you’ll want to make sure you have the perfect size for maximum comfort.


3. High Quality Leather Ensured

The wholecut style is the most expensive and exclusive shoe pattern available because it requires one flawless single pieces of leather to make the shoe work. The skins that are used to create wholecutes should be free of marks and blemishes—there will be no cutting or stitching to hide an imperfection. The texture of the leather needs to be consistent across the entire shoe.

The hides necessary to create wholecut shoes are rare, which increases the cost of making these shoes compared to more regular shoe styles. These shoes are painstakingly assembled by our experienced Italian craftsman, and we only the highest quality leather.

From a shoe-making standpoint, the wholecut oxford is one of the most difficult shoe styles to make. In cobbler terms, lasting is when the upper part of the leather is attached to the bottom wooden form that is shaped according to your foot. Wholecut oxfords are definitely up there on the list of most difficult shoe styles to last. So when you look at your pair of Italian leather wholecut oxfords you’re not just looking at beauty, but you’re looking at years of craftsmanship experience and the best Italian leather available.


4. Wholecut Dress Shoes Are Easy to Maintain

With no stitching to get in the way of the shine, wholecut shoes absorb polish and display shine better than other styles of dress shoes. No longer do you have to worry about the stitching becoming shiny or polish settling into the extra folds of attached leather. With wholecuts you’ll get a smooth and consistent shine across the whole surface of the shoe. Furthermore, the high grade of leather used (generally calf skin) for wholecut shoes radiates a brilliant shine.


5. Wholecuts Will Conform to The Shape Of Your Feet

The leather on wholecut shoes is not restricted by stitching and vamps, so eventually the upper wears to the shape of your foot making them truly your own.

Paul Evans wholecut oxfords follow the natural shape of a man’s foot, which creates a sight of appreciation that is very pleasing to the eye. Be warned: because wholecuts mold to your feet, they should fit snugly as they will slightly expand over the first few wears. Make sure you get the perfect fit by using our guide to measuring your shoe size before purchasing this essential shoe.