The Wholecut


When you look at a pair of quality Italian leather wholecut oxfords you know you’re looking at one of the best styles available for a man. Exquisitely crafted, refined., and flawless—this shoe lets its craftsmanship do the talking. Expect to receive plenty of compliments when you sport a quality pair of wholecut leather shoes.

The wholecut’s narrow shape, clean lines and smooth surface make this shoe one of the most elegant styles. However, its elegance doesn’t mean it only needs to be brought out for formal occasions. The wholecut is a versatile high-quality leather dress shoe that can be dressed up or down for many occasions. Wear them with your day suit to the office. Pair them with some dark wash jeans and a button down for an easy casual look. Or break out your black wholecuts for the perfect pair of shoes to go with a tuxedo.


3 Key Defining Features of Wholecut Oxfords

  • Wholecut leather shoes feature an upper (the leather that is visible above the sole when a shoe is worn) constructed from a single piece of leather. Most dress shoes are made from multiple pieces of leather sewn together. In wholecut shoes, there are no additional pieces – no vamps or no quarters.
  • The sharper chisel toe on wholecuts gives the body of the shoe a little more purpose, an appearance of an elongated toe design thus dressier appeal. The raised bump on the toe speaks of intentional higher style that sets them apart from regular shoes.
  • The wholecut oxford has the distinctive closed lacing system and this along with the single piece construction gives it an extremely clean and sleek look.


Wholecuts are a necessity for every guy who wants their wardrobe to have thatelegant, classic style aesthetic. However, wholecut shoes can be tricky to fit properly for the following reasons…


  • Closed laces – these are slightly more uncomfortable for men with broader feet.
  • The silhouette is trim and narrow – if you have borderline wide feet, a pair of cap toe oxfords are going to fit you better.
  • Creases that develop are more apparent because there is no toe-cap or wing cap to camouflage them.
  • The shoe may feel tight for men with wide foot and a high arch – especially across the bridge of the foot

To ensure you get the best fit possible, measure your foot using our guide before purchasing. And if your pair of Paul Evans Wholecut Oxfords finally come and aren’t the perfect fit, no sweat. We offer free returns and exchanges in the US, so you can breath easy.