The Monk Strap


Guys all over are choosing Monk Strap shoes for their style and comfort, but what you may not know is how versatile these buckled shoes can be. The Monk Strap shoe can be worn for various occasions; as easy as they are to pair with a city suit, they look equally as good with smart casual outfits. When you choose Monk Straps you’re not just picking out a shoe, you’re picking a statement.


The Monk Strap owes its start to the European monks who crafted simple, double buckle shoes that lasted forever and were suitable for their pastoral lives. Unlike the sandals worn by southern monks, these leather shoes provided protection and durability for the harsher northern climate. Obviously its current moniker comes from the shoe’s original designers.


Style wise, the Monk Strap took awhile to find its place on the spectrum of formality. Its humble roots deemed it less formal than, say, a wholecut oxford but its exquisite design and handsome buckles deemed it too much for straight casual wear. However the modern stylish gent took the Monk Straps ineffability and turned it into versatility. Today you can find Monk Straps in menswear stores styled both up and down.


Paul Evans carries two styles of Monk Straps: the Poitier Double Monk Strap and the Olivier Monk Strap. Both are handsome additions to any man’s closet but the Poitier in particular comes in one of the widest varieties our brand carries. Its dual strap and enclosing buckles define the Double Monk Strap. It slightly resembles a Derby style shoe with its upper quarters overlapping the tongue of the shoe, but of course its buckles are what makes it stand apart.


The Poitier Double Monk Strap comes in a variety of colors each playing a key role into what you wear and how well it will look on you. Marrone (or brown) Poitier Double Monk Straps are the most versatile color. You can wear it in pretty much any environment with the exception of black tie events. Oxblood Monk Straps are becoming very popular and look extra stunning when paired with a navy suit. Black Double Monk Straps are a good choice for formal and semi formal occasions. Along with a grey suit they definitely deserve a spot in your closet.


Along with the three classics, Paul Evans offers three alternative styles of the Poitier: Blue Suede, Cognac Cap Toe, and Oxblood Cap Toe. All three are made from the finest Italian calfskin leather, which makes them stunning in themselves, but their extra details make them standout. Be sure to take extra care of your suede Monk Straps; the delicate lambskin finish is prone to absorbing liquid and catching blemishes.