How to style the Poitier Double Monk Strap


The Double Monk Strap shoe is one of the most handsome yet versatile styles out there for men. In the past stylish men dismissed the Monk Strap because it didn’t quite fit into any one category. Today gents gravitate to the buckled shoe for its uniqueness, comfort, and adaptability.


One of the first things to consider when styling your Monk Straps is whether or not the occasion and outfit call for socks. Going sockless is acceptable in casual environments, but be sure there is a slight break at the end of your pants as to not become too bottom heavy. If you are going to be in a more formal setting, opt for socks. If you work in the corporate world, have a meeting with a client, or are attending a gala event you’ll want to stick with black socks with black Monk Straps or charcoal grey socks if you’re sporting brown or oxblood.


The Double Monk Strap looks particularly sharp with a well-tailored man’s suit. Your city suit that you rock on your average workday is the perfect companion to the Poitier. Color rules still apply. If you’re wearing a black suit, only wear black double Monk Straps to stay in line with formality. For charcoal and grey suits, brown Monk Straps look best. Navy suits give you more options: both brown and oxblood look great with the color. No matter which color you choose, always coordinate your shoes with a matching leather belt.


Guys who work in business casual settings are the ones who really reap the benefits of the double Monk Strap. Try classic chinos and a navy blue cardigan over a white dress shirt with either brown or oxblood Monk Straps. It sounds so simple but looks so sharp. Or if you’re into the preppy look try a grey V-neck sweater over an Oxford shirt and a pair of blue slacks with your oxblood Monk Straps—add or subtract layers and you still have a good look.