What do you even wear with blue penny loafers anyways?

Browse through our collection of Italian leather shoes and you’ll notice a lot of similar elements; clean lines, classic shapes, and mostly neutral colors dominate the page. But we do have one pair that stands out amongst the browns and blacks: The Stewart Penny Loafer in Midnight Blue.

You see them, you love them, you gotta have them… but what on earth do you wear with blue penny loafers? Believe it or not there are tons of outfit options for the guy who wants to go for the color shoe, as long as you’re looking to put together a casual look. After all, penny loafers came into fashion as a part of prep-school style.

One of our favorite trends of the season is the semi-monochromatic look. By pairing different shades of the same color throughout the pieces of your wardrobe, you create a cohesive ensemble with as little as three pieces. And when one of those pieces just happens to be some navy loafers, picking pants within the same color family is just too easy.

That’s right; pair your Midnight Blue Stewart Penny Loafers with your favorite pair of jeans. Go ahead and double cuff those babies to add a little contrast while highlighting the star of the outfit (the shoes, duh).

If you’re adventurous, double the denim by topping the outfit with a chambray shirt. Just make sure it’s a light chambray if your jeans are dark and vice versa. The secret to owning this look is getting your color proportions right. Think of the old rule of thirds. If your pants are 2 units of your outfit, and your shirt is 1, you need them to contrast enough for the composition to balance.

Finish the look with a brown belt (oxblood or black simply wouldn’t do in this instance) and your favorite watch with a brown leather strap. Throw on your coat and you’re ready to face the world perfectly styled down to these truly unique Italian shoes.