3 Pairs Of Italian Leather Shoes James Bond Would Wear


The latest James Bond flick Spectre opens today, if you haven’t heard. What are we saying? Of course you’ve heard; the press is everywhere. The anticipation for the newest 007 installments got us thinking, which pairs of Paul Evans Italian shoes would Bond never leave behind when saving the world? These are our picks:



A James Bond movie isn’t a James Bond movie without at least one scene where 007 rock a tuxedo. The ultimate tuxedo shoe is undoubtedly the black, wholecut oxford. If shoes were swords, the Martin Wholecut would be a Hattori Hanzō because they are sharp as hell. Made from a single piece of Italian calfskin leather, these leather shoes are as smooth as a gin martini and as classic as Agent 007 himself.



Bond’s day-to-day wear is as dapper as his tuxedo. However given the action-packed nature of his job, the secret agent would want a shoe with a little more substance and support while still looking good with a suit. Enter the chukka boot. It’s the perfect amount of style and function and with the quality Italian construction of The Newman Chukka Boot, they will stand up to whatever wear and tear he can throw at them. Not convinced the International Man of Mystery would don the chukka? Think again.



He ordered the martini, seduced the girl, and saved the world. The only thing left for 007 to do in order to make it a legitimate Bond flick is drive off in a sweet Aston Martin. After two and half hours of runs, guns, and girls, Bond deserves a comfortable yet stylish option for his driving shoe. The McQueen Driving Shoe is not only named after another famous man of action, but it’s timeless style will hold true for the next movie, and the next, and the next…