The 5 pairs of leather shoes you need in your closet




1. Chukka Boots

The Chukka Boot is the easiest style of boot to pull off. Stylish and protective, the leather of our Chukka Boots only gets better with wear. After a month or so of running around town in these, the full-grain leather will start to show it’s unique marks and lines that distinguish your Chukka Boots from any other pair. And that’s the beauty of handcrafted leather shoes.


2. Brogue Oxfords

Adding brogue detail to Oxfords is like adding garlic salt to a steak, it gives it just the right amount of flavor you didn’t know was missing. While minimalism has its place, Brogue Oxfords are subtle enough to keep in theme while still adding that something special to a navy trousers/white shirt combo. Let Brogue Oxfords be your secret weapon when you’re lazy but you have to look sharp.


3. Driving Loafers

Like a worn-in baseball cap or the denim jacket you’ve had since you were 20, your Driving Loafers help define what a “staple” is in your wardrobe. Comfortable, casual, and as cool as Steve McQueen (see what we did there??), your Driving Loafers will look as cool at 80 years as they do today.


4. High-Top Sneakers

Monday through Friday, 9 to 5, you bring your style game with you wherever you go. But when the weekend hits and you’re not really trying to think too hard about anything, your trusty High-Tops are there for you. The ultimate in casual cool, our leather High-Top sneakers have the added benefits of sophisticated design and Italian craftsmanship


5. Bluchers

Notice how we only offer one color of the Blucher? There’s a reason for that; classic brown bluchers don’t need to be messed with. That’s why they deserve a place in your closet. Year after year, your bluchers will hold steadfast in their ease and style as they pair well with other classic wardrobe staples.


Missing one or more of these essential Italian shoes? We’ve got you covered.