3 pairs of leather shoes that go great with jeans

It’s no secret that guys love their jeans. We all have our own favorite brands, cuts, and washes. Trends like raw denim and skinny jeans both unite and dissent stylish guys all over the world. Jeans are the epitome of American casual style and have even become acceptable to wear to the office at laid-back companies.

But when it comes down to it, denim is just denim. We love it for its inherent simplicity. You throw on your favorite jeans and are ready to take on the day. It may seem like that kind of ease doesn’t pair well with Italian shoes, but that notion couldn’t be farther from the truth. We believe that all of our leather shoes can be styled with denim, but these three picks are our favorites.


The High-Top Sneaker

Probably the most obvious choice, our High-Top Sneaker is the ultimate merger of Italian craftsmanship and modern style. Whether tucked under your more relaxed fit or fitting over your skinny cuts, this Italian sneaker is a throw-on-and-go casual staple. Perfect for those jeans and tee days and look great year round. You’ll especially be thankful for them when you have to double up on socks to get through the winter season.


The Newman Chukka Boot

We’ve talked and talked about the various ways Chukka boots can be styled and worn throughout the season, so it’s no surprise that they made this list as well. Perhaps it’s the simplicity of their design or their utilitarian history (Chukka boots were worn by British troops in the Western Desert Campaign of World War II), but this style of Italian shoe somehow goes great with all styles of jeans. We love the look of cuffed jeans with Chukkas so the world can see this handsome leather shoe when you wear it.


The Brando Semi-Brogue Oxford

The Brando is our favorite Oxford for jeans because of the detail. Brogue dots make an Oxford a little more casual, so they harmonize perfectly with denim. However, steer clear of pairing these with any pair of jeans that you would called relaxed, frayed, or distressed—these really go best with your fitted, dark denim paired with a casual button down. It’s a great look for a date or drinks with the guys and a perfect option for casual Friday.