5 Unforgivable Shoe Sins To Avoid

1. Wearing beat up, broken down leather shoes

Your leather shoes don’t have to be perfect, but they shouldn’t be worn down to ribbons either. A scuff here and there can’t hurt, but you can also easily buff them out with a proper daily care regimen. With upkeep, you will be preventing excessive wear that not only diminishes your shoes’ appearance, but also affects its lifespan. If you have a pair of beat up leather shoes you don’t want to give up, take them to your favorite cobbler for a tune up. You’d be surprised what these men can do. Sometimes your shoes come back looking better than when you first bought them.


 2. Only wearing black shoes

Do you need a pair of black shoes in your closet? Of course. Do you ONLY need pairs of black shoes in your closet? Hell no! Black is classic, but when it comes to Italian leather shoes it’s not a universal choice. Black shoes are too harsh to wear with many suit colors and can also look too formal with day wear. If you’re lost when it comes to color coordination (it’s okay, a lot of guys are), check out our handy little guide for some direction.


3. Square toes

Do you see any square toes in our collection of Italian shoes? No you do not. Why is that? Because square toes were a trend that died (thankfully) years ago. We only stock classic styles that have stood the test of time. Square-toed leather shoes make a guy look like he’s walking around in SCUBA fins. Not exactly an elegant look.


4. Wearing athletic shoes outside the gym

…ESPECIALLY with a suit, guys. Wearing tennis shoes with formalwear either looks childish or like you are trying really hard to emulate Pete Wentz at the 2004 MTV Awards. You’re a grown ass man. You dropped a month’s rent on that suit. Honor it and yourself by wearing a great pair of Italian shoes. Leave the athletic sneakers at the gym and save your high-tops for casual daywear.


5. Wearing the same pair every day

So you got a pair of beautiful Italian leather oxfords that look great with everything in your closet. Why wouldn’t you wear them everyday? Simply put, if you love them you’ve got to let them go… for a day. Leather shoes should never be worn two days in a row—they need a day to breathe. Store them with wooden shoetrees to absorb moisture and retain shape. Your favorite shoes will live longer and you have an excuse to buy another pair in a cool color.