What to wear with bluchers

It’s easy to forget about bluchers. Inappropriate with formal dress, they are not as versatile as their cousin the oxford. This open-laced style was a popular choice for pairing with sportswear in the early 20th century—some guys even considered it a hunting shoe. But as time went on and fast fashion made the industry more about the dollars than the details, big box stores started labeling bluchers as “oxfords,” which explains my friend’s ignorance that lead to a slight fashion gaffe.

If you’re wondering why a guy would ever opt for a blucher, the answer is simple. That open-lacing system means a looser fit, so these leather shoes are a more comfortable alternative to the oxford. And if you’re afraid their countryside origins mean they don’t belong in the city, don’t fret. The comfort of the blucher means you can pound the pavement all day and still look good. If you’re interested in some modern outfit ideas to work with a blucher, we have some ideas for you.


With tweed…

With the cold weather ahead, we’re excited to break out our favorite tweed garments. This homespun fabric is the perfect fabric to complement your bluchers. Try wearing your tweed trousers with a contrasting solid vest over a button-up. Combinations like this exemplify the balance between classic dress and casual that the blucher embodies.


With jeans…

Let your oxfords take a breath and break out the bluchers next time you want to dress up denim. While we love the look with a sport coat, vest, and tie, there blucher can look just as good with something as simple as a Henley and jeans. We really love to cuff the denim to really draw attention to the star of the outfit: those classic open-laced Italian shoes, the blucher.


With corduroy…

Fall is a great time for texture, and there’s no fabric more texturally infamous than corduroy. Not just great to look at, cords also have the benefit of keeping the cold city breeze at bay as it gets chillier and chillier. With the extra room the blucher offers, you can afford thicker, warmer socks. Put it all together with a cable knit sweater and you have a classic look that will keep you warm—and stylish—all winter.


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