Fall style elements


A lot of people make a big fuss when it comes to dressing for autumn. All that hype can make you current wardrobe feel a bit underwhelming. It doesn’t take a lot to update your look for fall. Try incorporating these elements into your dress:



Adding texture to your fall wardrobe adds depth, dimension, and contrast to your look, which lends a warm aesthetic that fits right in to the season. Mix different textures to create interest. Try pairing a tweed jacket with denim or layering with a flannel when you’re wearing corduroys. If you want to play it safe, only mix two contrasting textures at a time to keep it simple. Another way to incorporate just the right amount of texture is with a pair of suede shoes. Sporting the Stewart Penny Loafer in Cuoro is an easy way to add texture to your fall wardrobe.



Summer always gets the credit for being the most colorful sartorially, but the autumn color palette is way easier to pull off. Instead of relying on blacks and greys, incorporate the colors you see around in nature this time of year. Dusty greens, blues, and browns soften your look without much effort while muted yellows, oranges, and reds evoke the changing of the leaves. The Newman Chukka Boot in Oxblood fits right into the autumn palette and can be worn for both casual and formal events.



A big reason most men love autumn dressing is because how easy it is to look put-together just by utilizing layers. What keeps you warm also keeps you stylish. To reach maximum comfort, always remember that the closer the layer is to your skin, the thinner the material. Henleys, t-shirts, and button downs are ideal first layers before you begin piling on the cable-knit cardigans or that new denim jacket. Another layer to consider is the sock. The time for going sockless has come and gone, so you might as well have fun with this necessary item. Try a classic pattern such as plaid or try a color you like, but maybe don’t want to build an entire outfit around. Whatever socks look like, they’ll look great paired with The Cagney Cap-Toe Oxford—a classic style that won’t compete with whatever you choose.




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