The best shoes to wear with shorts

It’s a hot day in the city and you have the day off-- chances are when you get dressed in the morning you’re not reaching for a pair of trousers. Sometimes shorts just make the most sense for a guy. But just because you go short doesn’t mean you should be sloppy. You can beat the heat and still look stylish.

A big part of refining your summer style is balance. So you’re going with the more casual look with shorts? Balance it out with the right pair of Italian leather shoes. A formal pair of Italian leather shoes like semi-brogue oxfords won’t be right-- they’re just too heavy. And the high ankle of a pair of a pair of Chelsea boots will dissect the line of the leg looking awkward and clunky. What you need is a good pair of easy going, low-ankle slip ons that are both effortless and refined.

Driving moccasins are a great choice for shoes to wear with shorts. These lightweight slip ons are comfortable, easygoing, and classic. Picture a film noir antihero languidly traipsing down the streets of Rome in heat of the season to get into his Alfa Romeo-- that’s the look you’re going for.

The McQueen Driving Shoe gets you that look. With the attitude of someone who doesn’t give a damn matched with the high quality design and materials of someone who secretly does, it’s a great choice of shoe for the summer wardrobe. They have a versatile silhouette that falls just where it needs to be between smart and casual. They’re also one of the least polarizing styles. Neither trendy or dated, men both young and old feel comfortable wearing the driving moccasin. Try them with a pair of clean, off-white shorts, a brown belt, and a chambray shirt for no-sweat summer style.