Habits of stylish men

Great style is a balancing act. While there are some things that look really great on every guy (a nice suit, a great pair of Italian leather shoes) they don’t look quite as good if they don’t reflect the man (by being tailored, choosing a style that fits your needs). That’s why we don’t like the use of “style rules.” The idea of there being a right and wrong way to dress is too limiting, especially since style evolves with time and with the person. Instead of steadfast rules, we like to pay attention to great habits practiced by the stylish men we encounter. Here are some things we notice stylish men always do…

  1. Approach trends with caution

It’s a fast moving world out there and it seems the latest thing only lasts a split second before it is old news. Some guys feel in order to stay current they should adapt to the latest trend without another thought; but stylish guys know better.  Trends usually stem from marketing departments, not designers, and even though they are the “latest thing,” they hardly look modern. Stylish guys avoid fleeting trends and instead invest in something timeless, like a great pair of Chelsea boots.

  1. Invest in quality

Since being fashionable doesn’t equal being trendy, stylish guys tend to spend a little more money on great items that will last throughout the seasons.  This doesn’t mean that expensive equals stylish… a great pair of Italian leather shoes and the newest sneakers can cost the same, but only one of those styles is sure to look good year after year. If you want to be stylish and smart with your money, invest in quality classic pieces.

  1. Take care of their favorite pieces

In order to protect these mini-investments, they make sure to do the little thing that can extend their life and save you time. For instance, storing your clothes on wooden hangers and knowing how to properly hang a pair of slacks reduces wear and the need for ironing. Additionally, taking the time to properly store and clean your shoes can stave off a trip to the cobbler. We have some great tips for everyday shoe care here.

  1. Find a great tailor and a cobbler

Like we said above, a great suit only reaches its full potential when it has been tailored for the man wearing it. Finding a great tailor to take in your shirts and hem your pants is the best way to make a wardrobe truly your own. A cobbler isn’t exactly the equivalent of a tailor, but finding a great cobbler is an easy way to make sure the classic investment shoes you bought will always be a great investment.

  1. Exude confidence

Okay, maybe this one isn’t exactly a habit… more of a result. After all, it’s been proven that dressing well can improve your mindset. Still, we notice that stylish men always have a confidence that is the finishing touch to every look they debut. If you don’t feel as good as you look before you step out of the house, it’s definitely a great habit to get in to.