Job interview shoes for recent grads

For some lucky young men, the end of this month brings another important end: their college graduation. With real world job interviews just around the corner, it’s high time former co-eds trade in their sweatpants for suits and their flip flops for some Italian leather shoes.  But where to start?

The first thing to consider is making the best investment. The combination of entry-level pay and student loan debt means a budget will be necessary. So it’s smart to spend a little more on a pair of shoes that will last years, rather than gamble on a cheap pair that will need to be replaced in a couple of months. Plus with the demands of entering a new career, there won’t be much time for trekking to the mall for shoe shopping.

Second, the shoes need to be classic and versatile. Picking the right color is a good start, but style is important too. The right shoes will look seamless with a suit, but even in more casual work environments where jeans or slacks are allowed, a good pair of stylish shoes can elevate a look to make it more polished and professional. They want a style that can take them from the interview to the office to after-hours drinks with the boss, all while adhering to their own tastes and personal aesthetic. Here are some good options:

No frills, no fuss… just a great pair of high-quality wholecut oxford shoes. The Martin is crafted from a single piece of high-quality calfskin, rendering them too beautiful to add any unnecessary detailing to the design.  The hand-painted brown finish is versatile enough to go with anything while the superior construction lends maximum comfort for those overtime days.

Also known as the derby shoe, the blucher is slightly different from the oxford style because of how they’re laced. The closed lacing of the derby is considered slightly more casual than the open lacing of an oxford, however both are appropriate for formal wear. It really depends on what appeals to the wearer, though the exceptional craftsmanship of our Blucher appeals to just about everyone.

This lace-less style is a favorite of style mavericks because they are less commonly worn. The eye catching hardware on the monk strap may be intimidating, but the overall look is effortless. Falling somewhere between the formality of an oxford and the casual openness of the blucher, the single monk strap is a great choice for the guy who wants both versatility and bold style.


If none of these options are the perfect choice, we have plenty more Italian leather shoes perfect for recent grads as well as everyone else. Find them all here.