Your shoes don’t have to be spotless...

It’s kind of a cliche nowadays, isn’t it? To say that imperfections are lovely, that to be aesthetically pleasing it doesn’t need to be pristine... but inside everyone there’s a little perfectionist who cringes when they see that first dent or scratch on their new Italian leather shoes. We’ve been there and we’re here to tell you-- it’s really, REALLY okay. In fact, we prefer it.

Think of the primary function of shoes. Yes, they look great but in the end what you need them for is to protect your feet. That’s all. Everything else is just a happy addition that’s the result of the human love of design. But the protection thing, that’s what they are really there for. They’re shields for your feet in the battle of life and they are going to get some dings in them, ya warrior. Embrace it.

You may not remember how you got every single scuff on your favorite chukka boots, but you remember the crazy nights you had wearing them. Your best bluchers are probably super broken in, but that doesn’t mean you can negotiate a hell of a raise while wearing them. Style is about attitude, and attitude comes naturally when you make things your own. There’s no better way to make a piece your own than to live life on your terms,  rolling with the punches, and  accepting the scuffs you endure.

When you invest in a great pair of Italian leather shoes, you invest in a style that will last you years. They become an essential element in your wardrobe that you can turn to season after season. Eventually, the individual pair becomes an extension of your personal style. Sure, you could buy another, identical pair but they wouldn’t be the same exemplar of self expression.

Take daily care of your shoes to extend their shelf life, find a great cobbler to make repairs, but don’t stress over the small imperfections your shoes endure over time. They wouldn’t be yours without them.

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