What I really want for Valentine’s


Am I the only one who thinks the chocolates that come in those big plastic hearts are disgusting? The filling is somehow sticky yet gritty and I’m pretty sure the chocolate has more artificial flavor in it than cacao. Gross. While I appreciate the sentiment, if I got one of these Valentine’s it would soon find a home in the trash.

Chocolates and hearts, who needs them? If someone wants to show me they love me this Valentine’s Day they can get me something off my wish list.


Mott & Bow Slim Cut Rivington Raw Denim Jeans

I want something that is really me and when it comes to personalization, you can’t beat raw denim. Over time raw denim gets that worn-in look that is often imitated, but can’t be duplicated. Raw denim bends and creases with your body, creating unique lines and fading in worn areas. This Mott & Bow take on raw denim isn’t too skinny but isn’t too loose. And since Mott & Bow is direct to consumer, they’re a much better price than any raw denim you’d get at the department store. Personal and frugal, now that’s a great gift.


Etiquette x Theory Cashmere Socks

She may keep me warm at night, but my feet are still somehow freezing. Warm me head to toe with these stylish, limited edition cashmere socks. Made in Italy from the finest Cashmere Merino Wool. As far as socks go, these are up there with the best. I wouldn’t mind them in all three colors.


The Martin Wholecut in Oxblood

Gorgeous, well built and smooth—no I’m not talking about my date, I’m talking about The Martin Wholecut. These oxblood oxfords have been sitting on my wish list for quite some time. Since their deep-red hue is in line with the holiday, I think this is the time to finally commit (to great style.)


The Paul Evans Italian Leather Backpack in Nero

Chances are she’s going to leave me with some baggage—might as well be good-looking baggage. I’ve been waiting for the Paul Evans Italian leather backpack to go on sale and it’s finally here. Handcrafted and painted by Italian artisans, this baby is probably going to last longer than the relationship. Great gift, though.


Don’t have a sweetheart to give you a gift this year? Be your own Valentine and buy yourself something luxurious. May we suggest a pair of our handcrafted Italian leather shoes?