3 different ways to style The Cooper Blucher


The Cooper Blucher is one of a kind—seriously, it’s the only derby-style shoe in the Paul Evans’ collection. The blucher hails from the days of sport hunting and has a more comfortable fit because its quarters are sewn outside of the vamp allowing for more space within the leather shoes. This space makes the blucher a favorite for guys who have wider feet or who just like a more casual look.

Don’t be fooled by the handcrafted construction and full grain Italian leather—though beautiful, The Cooper Blucher is not acceptable for formal wear. Instead, choose the blucher when you want to elevate your basics to a more stylish level. Here are some ideas on how to style The Cooper Blucher:


(Click on the titles to see our Polyvore collection of Cooper Blucher outfit ideas.)


Hardly Working

The Cooper Blucher is perfect for business casual outfits. Its classic but casual look allows you to experiment a little more with the other elements of your outfit. With this look, I played with color. You may not think a peach plaid shirt and dusty maroon chinos are office appropriate, but when paired with a contrasting blue tie and a matching Italian leather belt to go with The Cooper, the unusual combo becomes a statement ensemble. Add a messenger bag with blue accents for more color distinction that is also highly functional.


Weekend Blues

Working with different shades of blue is the easiest way to try the trendy monochromatic look. First off, you probably already have the foundation for the outfit—a great pair of jeans like the Slim Mosco form Mott & Bow. Trade your white undershirt for a light blue tee and top with a super soft blue striped sweater. Altogether you have a comfortable look in a color that is universally flattering. When you add The Cooper Blucher, the outfit becomes more than just a jeans and sweater look without sacrificing comfort. Accessorize with a watch that ties in both the shoes with the outfit like this version of the Coach Bleeker Sport Watch with a blue face and leather strap.


Feeling Neutral

Don’t let anyone tell you that black and brown should not be worn together. When you work with the right materials and the right shades, a black and brown pairing looks effortlessly chic. Start with a light pair of khakis like the Mott & Bow Skinny Mercer. Then create balance by pairing a coordinating accessory with each statement piece. For the dark side, I used this classic black and white gingham shirt. With all the black on top, I balance it with black socks down below. And what to pair with The Cooper? Easy—I just coordinated with its matching Italian belt. Voila—an outfit perfect for a date, dinner with the parents, drinks with a lady friend… whatever.