Back up: Paul Evans has an Italian leather backpack?



I do not miss my days in school. I was never especially studious… with the exception of studying anatomy, if you know what I mean. But while I do not miss being a student, I have fond memories from those days. Scoring my first six-pack with a fake ID, skipping school and spending the day at the mall, and lugging everything I’d ever need in my black Jansport backpack.


That backpack was useful from sun up to way past sun down. Whether I needed books for school or bottles for a party, I could carry a significant amount of weight without straining my scrawny teen spine. Though my back is stronger, I find myself missing that utility. But as a grown ass man, I can’t walk around the city wearing a ratty canvas Jansport. Have you noticed that’s what pre-teen girls are wearing nowadays?


Luckily, Paul Evans has come to the rescue with their version of the backpack all grown up. The Paul Evans Italian Lather Backpack is the perfect marriage of style and function. Made from 100& full grain leather constructed and hand painted in Italy, both the Cognac and Nero versions have the high-fashion aesthetic men have come to expect from Paul Evans. Its simple design allows the leather to be the standout feature. That doesn’t mean it’s boring; its elegance will turn heads, don’t worry. Hand painted in Italy, the leather takes on a truly stunning patina that makes every individual bag one-of-a-kind.


Furthermore, the Paul Evans Italian Leather Backpack has the function you need for city living. Whether you need your laptop and a clean shirt on your way to work or if you need your toothbrush and a change of clothes for a one-on-one sleepover, it will be there for you. All this AND it looks good? Every guy I know is going to want one of these backpacks.


Here’s the bad news: the Paul Evans Italian Backpack isn’t exactly available yet. Right now, the Paul Evans team of skilled craftsmen is hard at work creating the first line of this soon-to-be iconic bag and their attention to detail is not a quick process.


The good news is you can pre-order your backpack today, so as soon as they’re shipped from Italy to Stateside, it’ll be on its way to your door. Pick your color (Cognac or Nero, remember?) and pre-order this luxurious Italian Leather Backpack today.