The easiest way to dress down your Italian leather shoes


Some of you guys have to wear suits to work every day, and tend to wear them out at night as well. We surely have nothing against that. In fact, we encourage men to wear suits as much as possible. They make you look great and feel confident—just be sure you get it properly tailored so you don’t look like you’re swimming in fabric.

And when it comes to suits, it’s easy to know what kind of shoes to wear with one. You want a pair of expertly handcrafted Italian leather shoes, shined and ready for a day’s work or an evening out. But about when the suit comes off and it’s time to go casual? Do your fine looking leather shoes have to stay in the closet with your formal suits?

In a word: no.

Our handcrafted leather shoes can easily be dressed up or down, but we wouldn’t go as far to say they seamlessly blend in to all casual wear. For instance, if you tried to pass a pair of Cagney Cap-Toe Oxfords with designer sweats you’ll look stupid. Just. Plain. Stupid.

So how exactly do you dress down your Italian leather shoes? There are various ways from working with shorts and chinos to going sans socks and jacket. But the easiest, most accessible way to dress down handcrafted leather shoes is definitely by pairing them with denim. And when it comes to denim, nobody does it better than Mott & Bow.

Why do we love Mott & Bow so much? For starters, their jeans are the best we’ve ever tried. We personally love the slim cut, but they also offer modern skinny and straight fits in a variety of colors so every guy can find the perfect pair. The second reason we love Mott & Bow is because their business model hits very near and dear to us. Mott & Bow has embraced the direct-to-consumer market trend, bringing the highest quality product to you minus the middleman and at a lower cost.

Of course, jean sizes can vary—how do you know you’re getting the right size and not wasting your time ordering jeans online? With your first purchase, Mott & Bow will send you a second pair of jeans with a different waist size so you can compare and decide which fit is best for you. Once you’ve got your go-to jeans, you send the other pair back via FedEx for free. Simple.


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