How to save your leather shoes from summer

The summer season isn’t quite over yet, but we’re sure you’re still feeling its wrath. The sweltering heat and endless social obligations can definitely take their toll—even on you leather shoes. If your shoes are looking a little worse-for-wear as August comes to a close, here’s some advice on how to properly care for these common problems:


If the hot city sidewalks make your shoes look grimy

We know you follow our instructions on daily care for your Italian shoes each and every time you wear them, right? Okay… nobody’s perfect. And sometimes on a really gross day it doesn’t matter—you come home with grimy shoes that need a little extra TLC. The secret to cleaning grimy leather shoes is saddle soap. It’s formulated to clean, soften and preserve leather with a slight wax finish. It’s no replacement for excellent care, but it’s definitely worth keeping in your closet when you need to clean your leather in a pinch.


If you got stuck in a summer shower

It happens to the best of us. You’re out grabbing the paper and a bagel or enjoying a cocktail at a rooftop party when all of a sudden—out of freakin’ nowhere—the sky just opens up and it’s raining like the end of days. While we can’t change how unpredictable summer weather is, we can help you salvage your soaked Italian shoes. As soon as you get inside, dry off your shoes with a soft cloth. Then, bunch up sheets of newspaper and stuff them in your shoes to absorb the moisture from the inside. Don’t put them near heat or light in an attempt to dry them quicker—you only run the risk of damaging the leather further.


If sweat leaves your shoes smelling less than pleasant 

Show us a man who says his shoes do not smell after walking around all day in the summer sun and we will show you a damn liar. It’s inevitable, but the good news is it’s treatable. If you’re more of an “ounce of prevention” guy, take a little time to wash your feet before you get dressed using a deodorizing soap and a washcloth to slough off dead skin. That will prevent dead skin and sweat buildup from adhering to your soles. A slight sprinkle of Gold Bond or another foot deodorizing powder will also help.

If you decide to rock the sockless trend and find build up of said dead skin and sweat inside your shoes, use an old toothbrush and a mild soap to scrub it off. Finally, finish with an odor neutralizing shoe spray and let try before inserting your shoe trees.