7 rules for a great shoe wardrobe



You can scour the web for advice on how to style you Italian shoes, but in the end the choice is up to you and what makes you feel great. However, when it comes to curating your best shoe wardrobe there are some things we believe every guy should do for his own good…


1. Store your shoes properly

That means buying a set of shoe trees for every pair of leather shoes you own and using them to draw out moisture after a long day’s wear. We go into it more here, but just trust us when we say they’re an essential tool in that can help extend the life of all your favorite pairs of shoes.


2. Buy some matching belts

Mismatching your belt and shoes can ruin an entire look. Avoid the misstep by buying a belt at the same time you buy your shoes. If you buy the belt from the same brand as the shoes, you’ll know the Italian leather matches because they come from the same manufacture. And what do ya know… we have the perfect selection of belts that match our most popular shoe colors.


3. Splurge on a shoe shine every once and awhile

Shining your own shoes can really be quite satisfying, but every once and awhile a man should let a professional take a spin. Not only is it good for the shoes, but it’s good for a little boost of confidence and a spring in your step.


4. Leave the gym shoes at the gym

In the style world, “sporty” doesn’t mean you can actually play sports in them. If your shoes were designed for running or lifting, they don’t need to be paired with your street wear. A pair of stylish high-top sneakers or driving shoes are a much better option when you want to look smart but casual.


5. Wear the right socks

Along with the gym shoes, white socks should really never be utilized in casual dressing. Instead, have fun with patterned and color socks. Or, if you’re not really one to experiment, just get a drawer full of quality black dress and ankle socks with a few pairs in navy and brown for when the occasion calls.


6. Always 2 pairs of oxfords in your closet

One in brown, one in black. They are simply the most versatile shoes out there and are appropriate at just about any occasion, from black tie to bar hopping. The simpler you go, the safer. We recommend the wholecut or a cap-toe style.


7. Only buy the best for yourself

That means high-quality Italian leather shoes, gents. Buying cheap shoes made from shoddy materials will end up costing you twice as much in the long run while you look half as good.