UnderFit Shirts

The quest for the perfect undershirt is over. Look no further than UnderFit. If you wear dress shirts everyday, you understand the importance of finding and wearing a well-fitting undershirt that will keep you cool, absorb moisture, and not look bulky underneath your dress shirt. That's a tall bill and not easy to find, but we found just that in UnderFit's collection of undershirts.

So, what exactly do we like about UnderFit? Well first, the tailored cut is unbeatable. UnderFits are wider at the shoulders and chest and narrower at the waist. Perfect for guys who are doing work in the gym. And what's more, UnderFits will stay tucked in all day long due to three extra inches of length. 

UnderFit also uses superior fabric. Exceptional softness, superb temperature regulation and advanced moisture absorption. Yes please! Odor resistant fabric with moisture wicking technology limits moisture, which is what odor causing bacteria thrives on.

Made from ProModal fabric, UnderFits are truly best in class. In scientific studies, ProModal fabric was proven to be more than twice as soft as cotton. Sweet! Furthermore, ProModal fabric has extremely high tensile strength, which means it's hard to tear. UnderFits will keep their shape and fit great for years! Finally, these shirts are eco friendly, made from sustainable forest plantations. 

We went with the 4-pack of UnderFit V-Necks and couldn't be happier. Check them out here!