Mastering the athleisure trend

While a well-tailored suit can feel like a second skin, after a long workweek a guy needs to take some time away from the constraints of formal wear. This doesn’t mean you should trade in your bespoke for ratty sweats and a tank top—there’s very little excuse for the modern guy to sacrifice style. Especially since a popular trend in today’s fashion world takes the comfort of athletic clothes to the next aesthetic level.

“Athleisure,” as the fashion rags call it, was hugely popular last year and the trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down. By using menswear patterns to construct comfort-based, high performance materials like fleece, designers create hybrid pieces that are hugely popular with streetwear aficionados. The down side to all this?  A lot of guys took the athleisure trend too far and ended up look more Buttafuoco than bandbox.

Instead of writing it off all together, we propose that as tastemakers we tame the trend and reclaim it for ourselves. Nix the sweatpants as streetwear and save them for Netflix marathons and the gym. Instead of looking for updated cuts on fleece and terrycloth, find pieces that use high quality material reimagined in more casual, weekend-friendly (but still well-constructed) designs.

A great example of this is the Paul Evans High-Top Sneaker. Handmade in Italy with calfskin leather, these are definitely the most luxurious sneakers you’ll have in your closet. Available in navy, black, and brown, their statement comes in exceptional craftsmanship. Combining the comfort and style of a high-top with the luxury of Italian leather shoes, this High-Top Sneaker is already in high demand… but it won’t be available until this August.

Luckily for you, they’re available for pre-order. Reserve your pair today.