Suede loafers for spring and summer

A lot of people assume that suede, in all its matted glory, is really more of a cold weather material. While we agree that some suede items (jackets!) are best left for autumn, others (ahem… suede pants) should just be disregarded completely. However there is one suede item in the closet that truly belongs to the spring and summer: the loafer.

Loafers in general are best for warm weather. They’re low, have no laces, and look great sans socks. Though historically reserved for more casual attire, the loafer is actually pretty versatile and are a great compromise between the casual and formal. It’s not unusual to see a guy replace his Italian leather shoes with loafers when wearing a suit in order to dress it down a bit. On the other hand, suede loafers can also smarten up a t-shirt and jeans combination. As long as you pick pieces with basic, clean lines and pay attention to color and proportion, you can work your suede loafers into just about anything.

While there are various styles, a classic penny loafer is a great place to start if you are looking for something both fashionable and accessible. Get your pair here.