Put a bold foot forward with oxblood

Oxblood. It kind of sounds frightening, doesn’t it? Okay, maybe not frightening… but it certainly doesn’t seem like a conservative choice for footwear color.

Surprisingly, oxblood is one of the easiest non-neutral colors for a guy to pull off. Rich and versatile, wearing oxblood Italian leather shoes is an effortless way to make a statement with your outfit without looking like a slave to fashion. You can switch out just about any pair of brown leather shoes for oxblood to add another dimension to your look. Wearing this deep shade of red gives distinction to your ensemble whether it be casual or formal.

Because believe it or not, this less-than-traditional color can be dressed up for more proper attire. Worn with a navy suit and a white shirt, oxblood leather shoes create an eye catching color palette many men aren’t bold enough to try…. But it still looks awesome. They also look great adding a dash of color to a more basic colored grey, brown, or charcoal suit. You get the picture: oxblood shoes go with a lot of things.

If the idea of wearing red shoes is way out of your comfort zone, look for a pair with a deeper, darker hue. The red undertones will only be noticeable for those who are looking for it or under harsh light. A great example is the Cagney Cap-Toe Oxford.  Its simple details leave plenty of room for the rich color without being overbearing.

We have plenty more styles available in oxblood. Check out our entire selection of Italian leather shoes to find the perfect pair for you.