How To Care For Your Dress Shoes This Winter

  • Leather conditioner: Leather is a skin and needs to be routinely moisturized, otherwise it can dry out and crack. LexolAllen Edmonds, and Saphir make good conditioners for dress shoes, while Obneauf’s Heavy Duty LP and Montana Pitch Blend can be relied on for rugged work boots. 
  • Paul Evans Shoe Polish
    Polishes: There are two types of polishes - creams and waxes. Creams are your most basic, and can be used alone. If you want a higher shine and some added protection, however, you can apply a layer of wax. Good polishes can be bought from SaphirMeltonian, and Lincoln.
  • Shoe trees: Insert these into your shoes whenever you’re not wearing them. They’ll help maintain your shoes’ shape and minimize creases. You can get these for pretty cheap at Sierra Trading PostJos A. Bank, and Nordstrom Rack.
  • Shoe horn: Shoe horns ensure that you won’t crush your heel counter whenever you put on your shoes. Once crushed, the heel counter can’t be easily repaired. A basic metal shoe horn can be had for less than $3, but for more money, you can get nicer oxhorn varieties made by Abbeyhorn
    Paul Evans Shoe Brush
  • Brushes: You’ll need three types of brushes. The first are daubers, which are used to apply your polishes; the second are big horsehair brushes, which are used for buffing; and the third are stiff pig bristle brushes, which are used for cleaning out the welt. You can buy these from AbbeyhornAllen Edmonds, and The Hanger Project. A stiff toothbrush can also be used for just the welt, if you’re looking to save money.
  • Cleaners: If you use wax polishes, you’ll want to wipe your shoes down every once in a while with a good leather conditioner to help remove build-up. Lexol and Saphir make good cleaners. Just put a sparing amount on a soft cloth and wipe gently.
  • Edge dressing: For a man who really pays attention to detail, the scuffed edges of soles can be touched up with a bit of edge dressing. Get these from Allen Edmonds.
  • Shoe bags: Put your footwear in soft shoe bags to keep them dust free when they’re not in use. You may have gotten a free set when you bought your shoes, but if you need extras, you can buy them from Amazon.Paul Evans Shoe Buffing
  • Soft cotton cloth: If you don’t use shoe bags, it’s nice to have a soft cotton cloth, such as a chamois, to wipe your shoes down before you leave the house. Some quick swipes will help bring out your shoes’ shine.
  • Suede care products: Finally, suede shoes will demand their own products. A waterproofing spray will not only help protect your shoes from water, but also any errant food drippings. A suede eraser can also be good for spot cleaning, while a suede brush will be useful for rebuilding the nap.

Or, if you're like us, just head on over to a professional shoe shiner. We recommend Eddie's Shoeshine & Repair at 30 Rockefeller Center in New York City.