How to Match Your Shoes and Belt

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is if our belts are an exact match with our shoes. The answer is "no" because our belts and shoes are made in two different factories in Italy. Our belts are handmade in Sicily in a fantastic leather goods factory that uses genuine Italian leather while our shoes are made in a family-owned shoe factory in Naples.

So if the two accessories aren't an exact match, should that prohibit wearing them together? Again, the answer is "no." Belts and shoes do not need to be an exact match and generally speaking you would be hard pressed to actually find a pair of shoes that matches a belt 100%. Unless the same leather is being used and the color is being applied in the same manner you're never going to see an exact match, but that's OK. 

When matching your shoes and belt, you should aim for wearing a belt that is in the same family of color as your shoes. For example, if you're wearing a pair of brown oxfords, make sure to wear a brown belt. If you're wearing a particularly dark shade of brown as found in our Grants and Brandos, it's OK to wear a lighter color brown belt such as our marrone belt

To illustrate this point, I always tell inquiring minds that I have just one brown belt. But can you guess how many brown shoes I have? The answer: beaucoup (a lot)! I never let this fact dictate which shoes I am going to wear. As long as the belt and shoes are in the same family of color you are going to be OK, and if you are wearing Paul Evans you are going to look hella fly! So step up your shoe game and don't forget a handmade genuine Italian leather belt

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