Tips for Keeping Your Shoes in Shape This Winter

If you just snagged a pair of our chukka boots and are concerned about keeping them in tip-top shape during the harsh winter months, worry no more. With these shoe care tips, you can extend that fresh out-of-the-box feeling every time you gaze downwards. Gentlemen, as with anything worth having, taking the steps to maintain your shoes will ensure they last a lifetime. Here’s what you’ll need to know to survive winter in your favorite pair of shoes.

Cedar Shoe Trees

Upon entering the world of quality shoe purchasing, having a shoe tree is imperative. A cedar shoe tree will remove moisture and odor from your shoes, as well as maintain the original shape.

Nourishing Cream

The obvious part of shoe care is keeping your shoes clean. We recommend Saphir's Creme Universelle, an excellent nourishing cream that will clean, shine and protect the fine Italian leather of our collection. With a dry cloth, rub the cream directly onto the leather until its completely absorbed.


A can of quality shoe polish will do wonders for your shoes no matter the season. We recommend Saphir's Pate De Luxe, a wax used for high-gloss waxing. Approximately once a week, rub the polish onto your shoes. Use just a few drops of water and apply multiple layers to achieve a very high shine. 


When the weather is very harsh, a rubber overshoe is the only way to go. Designed to fit over your shoes, it acts as a barrier from the winter elements. Think of them like footwear gloves. Highly recommended during inclement weather.

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