Comfortable Men's Dress Shoes

Paul Evans Comfortable Men's Dress Shoes Made in Italy
When we first started sourcing product, we focused on finding factories that could produce to our demanding specifications. Our footwear had to rank high not just in terms of style, but also in terms of comfort. We live in New York City and walking is part of our DNA. Therefore, we knew we had to create a stylish footwear collection that was incredible comfortable for the daily routine of a man in the city that never sleeps. After spending a few minutes reading the outstanding reviews our customers have written, I think you can say we've quite clearly accomplished that task.

Creating comfortable men's dress shoes starts with choosing the right construction method. Our shoes are made using the blake construction method, which means the outsole, insole and upper are stitched directly together through a channel that you can often see on the sole of our shoes. This technique has been the specialty of Italian shoe makers for generations. The result is an incredibly comfortable dress shoe that is lightweight and flexible.

Picking the right materials is equally important to ensure a high degree of comfort. That's why all our shoes are made using Italian calfskin leather uppers, leather soles, leather lining and with extra padding. When you step into a pair of Paul Evans you immediately feel the difference.