Top 5 Classic Drinks for Men

Tired of sitting at the bar racking your brain about what to order? Fret no more. Some traditional drinks never go out of style, and that’s how we like it. After all, the drink in your hand does define you as a person. Do the right thing and drink like a gentleman. Bottoms up!

  1.  Manhattan


3/4 oz. dry vermouth

1 ½ oz. blended whiskey

A Manhattan was Frank Sinatra’s drink of choice. Need we say more?

  1.  Martini


1 2/3 oz. gin

1/3 oz. dry vermouth

Keep it manly, and stick with the traditional Dry Martini. It is both bitter and savory. Mr. 007 himself was a fan of the Martini, so it certainly gets our stamp of approval.

  1.  Scotch & Soda


1 oz. soda

1 ½ oz. scotch

This simple drink is easy to make, and even easier to order. Remiss of the umbrellas and fruity colors that other mixed drinks have, a Scotch & Soda cuts to the chase. In this case, basic is best.

  1.  Gin & Juice


2 oz. gin

2 oz. juice

1 slice lime

This one comes recommended by Snoop Dogg. This drink is great for the gent’s who like a drink with a fruitier kick, but don’t want to turn in their man card.

  1.  Bloody Bull


½ oz. vodka

½ glass tomato juice

½ glass beef bouillon

1 slice lime

1 lemon wedge

The Bloody Bull is essentially Bloody Mary’s fraternal twin brother. Though not the tastiest of drinks, it is certainly a classic and a staple in its own right.