Jeff Austin Replace Your Soles!

Dear Jeff,
When you refuse to replace your leather soles and wear shoes in inclement weather without proper protection, this is unfortunately what happens. We always recommend using our cedar shoe trees to remove excess moisture and our rubber overshoe protectors should you choose to wear handmade Italian shoes in the rain.
Furthermore, new leather soles cost approximately $50. You can drop your shoes off at a local cobbler, we recommend Eddy's in 30 Rock, and get them picked up the next day. We will not be extorted for $250, the amount you requested over the phone. 
We don't normally pay for new leather soles, but since you are unwilling to take care of your shoes, you can ship them to us at our store (35 Christopher Street) and we'll get the soles replaced and ship the shoes back to you. On us. 
Paul Evans