Wake up in a Saintly mattress to own the day

Wake up in a Saintly mattress to own the day

Saintly Mattresses

We here at Paul Evans know about putting your best foot forward. We want to make sure you all start the day right from the moment that annoying alarm clock wakes you up.

With the influx in new bed-in-a-box companies disrupting the bedding market, the Paul Evans team has been trying out a few of the new market entrants. Following a similar direct-to-consumer model as us here at Paul Evans, these bed-in-a-box companies have been able to undercut the traditional brands by cutting out the multiple layers of middle men, namely stealing business from the Big Three S’s: Sealy, Simmons and Serta. Almost all of the new entrants are 100% or majority-foam based construction. Most of them offer free shipping and returns and a lengthy trial period for their customers to decide if the bed is right for them.

Our favorite so far as been a lesser known player: Saintly. One of our favorite features is that they offer three comfort levels: Firm, Luxury Firm and Plush. While it’s an easier business model to follow by only offering one comfort level as all their competitors do, they don’t think it’s realistic that all customers will be happy sleeping on the same level of responsiveness. If we just made one style of shoe, how happy would our customers be?! Saintly’s gel-infused memory foam kept us cool and comfortable throughout the night. If you’re used to spring mattress, it will take some time getting used to the equally applied pressure that exists for a foam mattress like this, but by 2-4 weeks, you’ll be wondering how you slept on anything less.

On top of the convenience of direct shipping right to our doorstep, Saintly offers an industry-best 125-night trial period. We recommend the Luxury Firm, which is right in the middle of Firm and Plush. But if you realize you need something more supportive or want to sink just a little… bit… more… into that bed, you can exchange at no extra cost. What a time to be alive!

Our customers know that the best shoes in the world are made in Italy, but these beds are 100% made in the good old U S of A. Bringing that American manufacturing back! Everything is made and shipped straight from Indiana, and Saintly claims a zero emission manufacturing process. The planet isn’t going to look out for itself, good thing Saintly is!

Use code PAULEVANSNY for $150 off your first mattress purchase with Saintly.