Ferragamo Sisto High Top Sneaker

Ferragamo Sisto High Top Sneaker Review

As you can imagine, I’ve got a lot of shoes. Makes sense right? Starting a shoe company requires a certain level of shoe passion, and not just for dress shoes. When I need to tackle some business, I suit up and put on a pair of Paul Evans. And as much as I love looking the part, turning heads and getting compliments on the street, I appreciate the opportunity to dress down.

I recently purchased a pair of Ferragamo ‘Sisto’ high top sneakers at Bloomingdales. I’m a huge fan of high top sneakers. They give your feet a more robust look and add an extra dimension to your outfit. I’ve been wearing these with my brown and dark blue jeans and have yet to be disappointed. They are extremely comfortable and look fucking awesome. The leather is very high quality, as you would expect with Ferragamo, and the chocolate colored cap toe is a great finishing touch.

Brands that have historically been known for dressier footwear are expanding into the luxury casual footwear segment and bringing a high level of craftsmanship along with them. If you’re in the market for a pair of sneakers definitely check these out. They are expensive ($580), but worth the price of admission. Pro tip: 10% off if you buy the shoe on display.