Wear A Suit That Fits: Pro Tips

The guys at Inside Hook know what’s up when it comes to wearing a suit. Here is a (slightly edited) rundown of their tips for a flawless fit.

What the modern man’s suit should look like:

One: no aggressive, Festrunk-esque plaids, you wild and crazy guy.

Two: no NBA draft night suits. It’s gotta fit.

If you’re a larger guy, don’t think you’re hiding anything by draping extra fabric on your body. You are not a cereal box, sir.

A few basic rules:

  • The jacket: It should hug your shoulders, but not restrict movement.
  • Jacket movement test: Shake hands. Anything come out of place? Buttons OK? Then you’re good.
  • Sleeve fit test: Let your arms hang and make a fist. If the cuff hits past your knuckles, that jacket’s too big, fella.
  • Sleeve fit tip: It’s okay if the sleeves are short. This is why God invented cufflinks.
  • About the pants: You shouldn’t need a belt. You should wear a belt. But you shouldn’t need one.

Why you should get separates

The ability to bring the vest into play is key. Changes the whole getup. And there’s nothing wrong with rocking a jacket over jeans.