Mr. John's Barber Shop

Mr. John’s Barber Shop - 70 E 12th St (Between Broadway & 4th Ave) New York, NY 10003.

Every now and again, a guy NEEDS to treat himself to a flat razor shave. The tradition of the time-honored technique and ability to totally relax is a thing of beauty.

The number of trendy-modern-gentleman-of-leisure barber shops popping up is alarming, not just in NYC but everywhere. Especially considering the price they charge for a service their employees may have only been doing for a fraction of the time when compared to their more traditional counterparts. We shouldn’t have to pay more just to cover their rent, or the fact that they might sling us a $2 beer while we wait our turn.

I am telling you this because one of the said trendies was booked out when I made an attempt, I’m glad it was. I ended up walking by Mr. John’s Barber Shop, a stone’s throw from Union Square. Although it was almost about to close, they took me and gave me the best flat razor shave I’ve had since being in New York.

Without the pomposity and keeping-up-appearances vibe of some others I’ve visited, Charlie at Mr. John’s took every care possible whilst never wasting time. Between hot towels, moisturiser and shaving cream it allowed one of the closest, but also the most comfortable shaves I’ve had. Not a single spot of blood either, which is rare for a guy that often has a heavy beard.

I left Mr. John’s without any hair at all left on my face or neck, feeling smooth, clean and moisturised. Having spent just $15 for my trouble, it’s fair to say I won’t be trying out any other places. Highly recommended.