Diary From The Road: Part 1

Paul Evans Diary From The Road: Part 1

To say we weren’t excited for our trip to Vegas would be a lie. We couldn’t wait to size up the competition and show off our shoes to the menswear elite at sizeable shows such as FN Platform, Project and MRket.

The premise is simple; “We are Paul Evans. We make luxury men’s footwear, and we do it well. Take a look.”

We left New York City’s JFK in the previous night, arriving in LV at 10:30pm to check in at the Wynn Las Vegas. After a quick shower and wardrobe change we hit up Tryst at Wynn. Despite the burden of having to get up in the morning, we were ready to get down to business and spread the word about Paul Evans.

Paul Evans Diary From The Road: Part 2

OK. Business time. We suited up, and of course, threw on a pair of Paul Evans shoes. With hundreds of press kits and business cards we hit up the sourcing show at MAGIC. We met with leather goods and accessories manufacturers to explore adding to our product offering.

Having previously been through this process with shoes we were prepared to have thoughtful discussions on adding to our product line. We want to ensure the level of craftsmanship in future products matches that of our shoes. Ultimately we’ll end up going abroad to source these accessories.

A business meeting over steak at Botero and a couple of drinks at club XS ended our day. We knew Monday was going to be the big ticket, so we best hit it hard.