It’s in the details: picking out your next pair of Italian leather shoes


Browsing through Paul Evans’ selection of Italian leather shoes, you may be overwhelmed with the choices. That’s reasonable; every pair is worth purchasing. I find the best way to overcome this feeling is to break it down to the details; show me my options in material, style, and color then I can whittle them down to what I want right now.



  • Rubber/other synthetic materials

This includes athletic shoes, but when I think of rubber soles and synthetics my mind immediate goes to cheap dress shoes that eventually flake, crease, and break down. Avoid at all costs.

  • Exotic skins

These include shoes made from ostrich, alligator, and other animals of the non-bovine equation. Boots are often of the cowboy variety; shoes are commonly referred to as “pimp.” They have their place, but if you’re trying to build a solid wardrobe of timeless styles they probably aren’t worth the investment.

  • Leather

The classic choice of material and for good reason: it’s durable, it’s beautiful, and it creates a sleek silhouette. When choosing your leather shoes, don’t go for cheap, processed finishes. Instead, choose full grain leather like the Italian calfskin Paul Evans’ team of artisans use on each pair of shoes.



If you need a pair of shoes the office, there’s no better choice than a pair of oxfords. Perfect for formal situations and times when you need to make a good first impression.

Often found on oxfords, but with brogue detail you have a sportier look. They are still great for first impressions, but not appropriate for somber occasions.

A rock ‘n roll staple that can be incorporated into the modern gentleman’s wardrobe with ease.

With a high-ankle and comfortable fit, these boots can be worn with jeans and a suit. Perfect for when the weather requires a little extra coverage.

Slip-on leather shoes that are perfect when you want an effortless way to look good while dressing casual.

More casual than loafers, these are great for summer wear.

Athletic sneakers are for the gym. If you’re wanting a comfortable pair of city sneakers, go with a pair specifically designed for that purpose.



  • Black

Perfect for formal occasions, but too stark for most colors of suit. With black shoes you must have a matching black belt.

  • Brown

From dark cocoa to light tawny, it’s easily the most versatile color that’s easy to match.

  • Oxblood

Oxblood is a surprisingly easy color to pull off and acceptable in business wear if done correctly. A great choice if you’re looking for something new but still accessible.

  • White

White shoes are very flashy, very showy. White bucks are the most common pair out there.

  • Dark, cool colors

Blues, greens, and purples are brought down a notch when darker in tone, making them more attractive to men. These colors look even better on suede shoes.

  • Bright colors

Bright colors are pretty much only acceptable on sneakers and clowns.


Pick what you want from each specification and you can easily narrow down what you should throw your money at. Now it’ll be easy to find your perfect pair of new shoes when browsing the Paul Evans’ collection.