6 pairs of Paul Evans Italian leather shoes for every occasion


Spring is around the corner and you’re eventually going to have to stop holing yourself up in your apartment and actually go outdoors and do something. Fortunately, Paul Evans has the footwear to go with every occasion.


Friday night with the guys—The Stewart Penny Loafer

There’s nothing better for a boys’ night out than a pair of shoes with a youthful history. The Penny Loafer gets its name from its popularity in 1950s prep schools (think of the one Holden run away from in Catcher in the Rye). Kids would place pennies in the signature slot as a way of safely storing some extra change in case they need to use the pay phone. Of course, you have a miniature computer in your pocket that can make calls and I don’t think any existing pay phones cost a penny—but placing a couple Lincoln coins in your Stewarts may prove to be a successful talking point to get in with that hot girl at the bar.


A casual business mixer—The Cooper Blucher

Not like those old fashioned Chamber of Commerce meetings, these days professionals gather at Tech conferences and college mixers to have a few drinks and casually network. Instead of showing up stuffy, give of a relaxed vibe with The Cooper Blucher, a pair of perfectly tailored slacks, and your most comfortable oxford shirt. Tie it all together with a matching belt and your aesthetic will have the perfect combination of sharp yet approachable that makes people want to know you.




For a day at the park—The Legend High-Top Sneaker

Whether your girlfriend convinces you that a spring picnic would be romantic or you’re just going to go throw the ball with your dog, there’s no reason to wear anything that isn’t exceptionally comfortable. Throw on your favorite jeans, tee, and jacket with stylish Italian leather sneakers.



For a Sunday of doing just about nothing—The McQueen Driving Shoe

You may go down the street for bagels or you may go get a beer and watch the game at your corner pub, but other than that your Sunday Funday requires as little movement as possible and a lot of comfort. Keep the casual vibe going with these super-soft, leather driving loafers that look just fine with your softest chinos and chambray.



For a night on the town—The Martin Wholecut

You want to step out with swagger like a guy who has it all together. Well, The Martin Wholecut literally has it all together. Cut from a single piece of fine Italian calfskin leather, its seamless look and timeless style goes with everything and never fails to impress.



For the show of the season—The Dean Chelsea Boot

Rock ’n roll history? Check. Ankle support? Check. Effortlessly cool style? Check and check. The Dean Chelsea Boot is slated to be the coolest pair of Italian leather shoes in your closet that you’ll have to break out whether you’re catching a local band at your favorite club or seeing everyone and their dog at interactive music festival SXSW.