5 monthly expenses that cost more than a pair of Italian leather shoes


Every guy I meet loves the look of each pair of Paul Evans Italian leather shoes… but not every guy can afford their cost up front. I tell them that investing in a great pair of handmade leather shoes now will save them money in the long run, but when you have to choose between making rent or getting a new pair of loafers, choosing a roof over your head is the overall smart choice.

Thankfully, everyone can afford a quality pair of Paul Evans shoes since we partnered with Affirm online financing. Affirm uses transparent financial policies to help consumers get the things they need using monthly payments with low interest rates. With our partnership, you can get a pair of Paul Evans shoes for as little as $30.75 a month at 0% APR.

I know you can afford that.  There are plenty of things you spend $30 a month on that you can give up. Things like…


1. One bottle of whiskey

I am not—I repeat, am NOT—saying that you have to keep your liquor cabinet empty every month. But if you resist the urge to buy just one bottle of whiskey this month, you could be putting that money towards a pair of Italian leather shoes as rich and aromatic as a bottle of Bulleit… and it’ll last longer.


2. Three Uber rides

Ride sharing has changed the way we get around the city—but don’t forget Uber is not your only option. If you choose public transportation just THREE times a month, that will save you enough money to get a beautiful new pair of Italian leather shoes. Once you have them you’ll save even more when you end up walking everywhere to show them off.


3. Two magazine subscriptions

First of all, why are you still subscribing to magazines? Every fashion tip, new product, and editorial can be found free online. The blogosphere has all but eliminated the need for lifestyle magazines. Even if you still want to stay loyal to your favorite publication, getting an e-subscription is much more cost-effective as well as environmentally friendly. Plus, if you’re walking around in a new pair of Paul Evans shoes you probably don’t need style advice.


4. Five “coffees” from Starbucks

Whatever happened to a regular cup of coffee? You probably have the means to make a cup yourself or at the very least your office provides a Keurig. Why are you wasting so much money on sub-par beans? If you’re going to drink crap, you might as well drink it for free… and in a pair of spiffy Italian leather shoes.


5. Buying three girls drinks at the bar

Does this move ever really work or do you find yourself hawking up $12 for a Cosmopolitan only to turn around and see the girl walk away? Yeah, that’s what we thought. Instead of wasting your money buying them drinks, try actually talking to a woman. You’d be surprised; they often have things to say in return! Plus you’ll have a much easier time picking up a lady with a great pair of Italian shoes than you will with a watered-down drink.


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