Esquire names the Chelsea Boot "Shoe Of The Year"

2015 was full of fashion highlights. From the overwhelmingly harsh backlash towards Yeezy Season 2 to Ralph Lauren stepping down as CEO from his namesake label, the high-fashion rag sheep weren’t lacking in fodder to chew. Recently, Esquire listed “The 15 Most Important Men's Style BuMoments of 2015,” which is full of the expected. However, there is one moment that caught my eye.

Visit Esquires little listicle and scroll down.


Okay, a little more.



Keep scrolling…



There it is!


Boom. The Chelsea Boot in all its glory was named THE shoe of the year by one of the most widely published men’s lifestyle magazines in the country.


Sorry Elvis Costello, but the one place your feet want to go this year is Chelsea. The boot achieved a new prominence in 2015, stepping out of the realm of dressed-up attire and being adopted by the ripped-jeans-and-sneakers set.”


So the Chelsea boot has gone from youth culture staple in the 60s, to the go-to dress boot for formal wear, and now it’s the choice for the new breed of street wear fanboys.

I get it. The slick design of the Chelsea boot lends to the “less is more” rule well dressed men keep close to the heart. Their simplicity means they can be styled from Savile Row to Seattle grunge. Even if the douchiest of douches steps out wearing a pair of Chelseas, you can still rock yours—No one is blaming the shoes for the personality of the feet wearing them. They’re cool like that.

The Dean Chelsea Boot offers everything you want from the style along with exceptional quality. Our Italian craftsmen hand-make The Dean from the finest full-grain Italian calfskin and paint them by hand. The result is a bold shoe that says “badass motherf*cker”… so there’s no need to buy that cheesy novelty Pulp Fiction wallet. Available in Oxblood, Nero, and Marrone, you can have a pair of Chelsea boots for every outfit in your closet. And since you’re investing in quality Italian craftsmanship, they’ll be a staple in your closet for years to come. They may be “The Shoe of 2015” to Esquire, but if you ask me the Chelsea Boot deserves a permanent place in any stylish man’s fashion arsenal not just this year or the last, but for decades to come.



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