Not your dad's shoes: How to style your Italian leather loafers and still look modern


We think it’s high time loafers get the credit they are due. No longer are they a style reserved for your dad’s pleated Dockers ensemble; today, men are styling these slip-on leather shoes in a way that is truly city chic. If you want to elevate your loafers, whether they sport a bit, tassels, or are the classic penny style, we have the basics for building a great outfit.


1. Go for a slim, short cut pant

The easiest way to not dress like a dad is to avoid his trouser style. The modern man knows that a slim cut is flattering for all shapes as long as they’re tailored correctly. Base your outfit around a pair of trendy, skinny pants like these Bonobos Fireside Flannels. Their cool plaid lining looks great when you cuff them up; allowing them to showcase your loafers while matching their preppy vibe.


2. Go for a trendy—but not too trendy—top

Your dad probably didn’t care too much about the emblem on his shirts; but today’s more label-conscious crowd does. Pairing your loafers with a trendy shirt like The Fred Perry Polo is an easy and comfortable way to make sure your outfit is youthful without buying into a seasonal trend. Fred Perry’s shirts may be simple in design, but are instantly recognizable by their details. We especially like this grey version with a woven shirt Oxford collar to go with the Fireside Flannels. It’s definitely something you haven’t seen your Pop wear EVER.


3. Finish with a soft blazer

Dad’s closet was full of suits and structured jackets… but you don’t have to settle for tight seam. You don’t even have to settle on one color for your jacket. This Banana Republic Modern Slim Gray/Caramel Reversible Soft Blazer is the easygoing version of the sport coat you need in your wardrobe. Not only do you get twice the jacket, but you get a casual style that brings a youthful air to the overall ensemble. We like the gray side best with this particular outfit we’re building.


Any one of our amazing styles of leather men’s loafers would pair nicely with this look, but we chose The Van Damme Belgian Loafer in Oxblood. Its sleek design and rich color bring out the details in the overall look while still being comfortable and elegant. See the whole outfit in action over at our Polyvore profile.


Of course, you can pick out your own pair that fits your style best. Shop our entire line of leather loafers here.