How To Keep Your Legend High-Top Sneakers Clean


Right now, guys all over the country are opening up the box for their Paul Evans Legend High-Top Sneakers and marveling in their brand new beauty. Also happening right now? Winter. And all the things that come with it: rain, sleet, snow, and salt, just to name a few.

Alas, the Legend was not created to live in a box. These unique Italian leather sneakers are meant to be seen by the good people of the city streets. That means exposing them to the elements, but fear not. With proper care and cleaning, you can keep The Legend’s good looks intact. Have your cake and eat it too, as they say.

Keep these tips in mind to keep The Legend in tip-top shape:


1. Spot clean daily

After a day in The Legend, take a moment to knock them together and dislodge any dirt that may be caught in the soles. If any scuffs or scrapes are readily visible, take a dab of leather cleaner and a soft cloth to gently get rid of surface dirt while protecting the hide. You can use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to keep the soles white with nothing else but water and a little elbow grease.


2. Deep-clean weekly

If you wear The Legend 3-4 times a week, you can extend their life and good looks with weekly deep cleaning. Apply a few drops of your favorite leather cleaner on a wet shoe brush and gently scrub all over until light foam forms. A toothbrush is also a handy tool for getting the cleanser in the nooks and crannies around the sneaker. Wipe the foam off with a chamois and repeat until desired results are achieved.


3. Get some new laces

Your sneakers may not be looking worse-for-wear because of the leather. Raggedy, dirty laces will bring the whole aesthetic down. The good news is laces are cheap and easy to replace. Chances are you can find a black pair in your bodega. Any other color you want can be found in sneaker stores or, of course, online.


 4. Waterproof them

If you live in a particularly humid climate, invest in a good water-repellant to protect the hand painted leather of The Legend. After cleaning, let the leather dry naturally (never EVER try and dry leather with heat!) Once dry, place shoes on a protective towel or newspaper and spray the leather protector evenly.


 5. Store them correctly

Instead of throwing your sneakers in the corner, take the two minutes to store them properly and The Legend will thank you. After making sure they are dry from a day’s wear, cut a dryer sheet in half and place in each shoe. This will keep them from smelling while also drawing out moisture. Bonus points if you wrap them in a dust bag and keep them in their original box.



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