Holiday gift guide: which leather shoes to give to the men in your life


It’s that time of year again—you have a laundry list of loved ones you have to buy gifts for, but who wants to spend their precious free time going out into the cold and trudging through the hoards of holiday shoppers when you could buy the gifts you need basking in the warm light of your laptop. The guys in your life are hard enough to shop for. Why not get them something every man needs—an expertly crafted pair of Italian leather shoes.


For Dad: The Brando Semi-Brogue Oxford

Dad’s always been one foot in each corner: he was serious enough to scare the living daylights out of you when you were caught doing something stupid, but fun enough to make those corny dad jokes you love to hate. That’s kind of how The Brando Semi-Brogue Oxford is—serious enough to work in the office, but fun enough to take mom out dancing.


For Grandfather: The McQueen Driving Shoe

When you’ve lived as much life as your grandfather, you deserve some comfort in your twilight years. The McQueen Driving Show offers just that—plus the classic style men of all ages can appreciate. They’ll go great with his casual around-the-house clothes but don’t be surprised if you see him walking into church wearing these casual leather shoes with a suit. Are they the most appropriate dress shoes? Probably not. But he’s earned the right to wear whatever he wants.


For Your Sporty Younger Brother: The Newman Chukka Boot

He’s more of a jeans-and-tee kind of guy, and his job doesn’t even require a suit. You should buy little bro a pair of shoes he’ll actually want to wear. The Newman Chukka Boot is just that. Their style has military roots, but our Italian crafted version looks just as modern for city-sleek looks. Give him the Chukkas with a hearty pair of wool socks and he’ll be wearing them all winter long. Just be sure you do your brotherly duty and teach him how to properly care for them.


For That Spiffy Uncle: The Caine Bit Loafer

He was the first guy who let you try a cigar and his Old Fashion recipe can’t be beat—you’ve always admired your uncle for his classic, manly aura and surefire style. He’ll love The Caine Bit Loafer’s exquisite construction and beautiful hand painted Italian leather. Plus, the signature Paul Evans fleur-de-lis bit on our loafer is as unique as he is, and we’re sure he’ll appreciate it enough to make you one of those Old Fashions come Christmas day.


Don’t see the perfect pair of Italian leather shoes for someone in your life? Browse our entire collection and up your loved ones’ shoe game.