What’s the hype? Sneakhype & The Roosevelts cover Paul Evans


Call us Orville Redenbacher because we’ve been poppin’ up everywhere. More and more blogs are catching wind of our amazing collection of Italian leather shoes and showing us love.

A few weeks ago, Sneakhype did a feature with a focus on one of our favorite styles…

“Diversity in your shoe line-up is incredibly important.  Don’t be that dude that only owns one pair of dress shoes that you’ve had for the past 7 years.  The Poitier Double Monk Strap from Paul Evans is a perfect pair to add to your closet.”

They just get us, you know? Diversity is a huge part of curating the perfect wardrobe and most men do not have a specimen as unique at The Poitier amongst their collection of leather shoes. Sneakhype goes on to describe how versatile the double monk strap style is—perfect for wearing with a city suit or simply with chinos for a lunch date. The best part is their impeccable quality for the price and how even though they are unique to the eye, the sleek links and clean design are timeless as far as style goes.

Next we were blessed with a piece from men’s lifestyle blog The Roosevelts. In their piece “RSVLTS Winter Shoe Guide: The Only Shoes You’ll Need This Season” our stunning Martin Wholecut in Marrone was given top spot on the list.

“These hand painted, Italian crafted masterpieces will run you at a higher $369 price point, but will last you forever and look just as expensive as they cost without any gaudy signature buckles or red bottoms. The one piece construction is a true work of art that will surely impress every lady in the room.”

They’re right about one thing—The Martin Wholecut does look luxurious and will last forever to boot. But if the price is still a little rich for your blood, we offer a payment plan through Affirm so you pay as little as $30.75 a month at 0% APR over 12 months—not a hard investment to make considering what you’re getting.

The Roosevelts go on to talking about how versatile the style of The Martin is. While it’s the perfect choice for sockless dressing in the summer, it still looks great with stylish socks as the cold weather approaches. We suggest you don’t go overboard with the sock styles, though. These shoes look so good you don’t want anything stealing their spotlight.


Want to see what all the hype is about? Check out our entire collection of leather shoes and find your perfect pair to rave on.