4 pairs of shoes you need to stop buying-- and what to buy instead


1. Fake alpargatas

Okay, so you may not even know what an alpargata is, but their design and style were co-opted by a certain man’s-name brand and became quite popular the past decade or so. It’s easy to get sucked into their trendiness, but someday in the future people will look back on these cheap slip-ons and wonder what they were thinking. Plus, they fall apart after a little wear, making them a less-than sound investment.


Instead, buy these…

Inspired by another simple shoe design—this time it’s the moccasin—the McQueen Driving Shoe is just as easygoing as the alpargata, but with much better craftsmanship. Made from the finest Italian leather, the McQueen will last as long as they are stylish, which will be a mighty long time.


 2. Square-toed Derbys

First off, square-toes look awful on just about everyone. Yet somehow, somewhere people decided it was acceptable to wear these abominations in formal settings. Often made of cheap treated leather—or worse, artificial leather—this style looks as cheap as they are. Seeing as you can only find them in dated discount stores or Goodwill, you can imagine how cheap that is.


Instead, buy these…

The Cagney Cap-Toe Oxford is an option that offers both simplicity and a style that is timeless. Instead of drawing peoples’ eyes to your toes with hideous corners, a sight seam accent only draws the eye in a good way. Unlike the derby, the oxford is appropriate in both formal and casual dress, so they are as versatile as they are handsome. Finally, the fine Italian leather they are made from will last for years with proper care.


3. Duckbill Loafers

Chunky and clunky, these loafers add heft where heft need not be. Doing so not only throws off the proportions of your entire outfit, but they are pretty uncomfortable as well. Much like the square-toed derby, the duckbill loafer was wrongfully popular sometime in the early 00’s, and that’s where they should stay.


Instead, buy these…

The Caine Bit Loafer is attractive in every way. The upper is made with full-grain, fine Italian leather, with sole and lining to match. They are painted by hand at our factory in Naples and are accented with Paul Evans’ signature fleur-de-lis bit. Their handsomeness is only equated by their comfort and ease.


4. Anything made with treated leather

If you’re eyeing a pair of shoes with leather that is uniform and flawless and a little shiny, just put them down. Shoes made with treated leather are a cheap alternative to the real thing and eventually wear down to a flakey mess.


Instead, buy these…

Any pair of Paul Evans Italian shoes is a better alternative to the cheap quality of treated leather. Our full-grain leather shoes retain the natural beauty of the hide and are hand-polished by our expert cobblers in Naples. Your shoes will not only be more beautiful, but they’ll stand the test of time.