Have you checked out our belts?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you never had to think about matching your belt and your shoes again? Wouldn’t it also be nice if every belt in your closet were a perfect fit? If those ideas pique your interest, we have some good news.

Paul Evans belts are the last belts you will ever need. Handcrafted in Sicily from the finest Italian leather, our belts come in four great colors that will coordinate with any pair of Paul Evans shoes, without coming off as too matching. Coordinating is better than matching because it creates interest in your everyday dress. You’ll look like you actually know how to put an outfit together as an individual, rather than someone who only knows how to follow the so-called “rules.”

When coordinating your belt and shoes, pick a belt color that is in the same family as your shoes. Whether your shoes are cognac or chocolate, they’ll look fine with our Marrone Glossy Belt.

Furthermore, our belts are constructed to be cut-to-fit. That means the construction is simple and solid enough to handle being taken apart, cut to size, and put back together looking just as good—only a better fit. Your neighborhood cobbler knows exactly how to do this, but if you’re feeling handy, we have a simple tutorial on how to cut-to-fit your belt.

Are you a fan of suede shoes like our Café Cagney Cap-Toe Oxford? Now we even carry a stunning dark brown suede belt, perfect for matching your brown suede shoes or adding a bit of textural contrast to any of your dark brown leather shoes. 

No matter how many different colors of shoes you have in your closet, it’s easy to match your shoes and belts with our high-quality Italian leather belt collection. Get them all while you can.