Comfortable leather shoes for travel (and what to wear them with)

It’s not like we’re longing for the days when men wore full suits and hats to the airport, but we’re not exactly thrilled about some of the styles we see men sporting in the terminal. Just because you’re sitting on your ass for hours, doesn’t mean you should dress like a shlub. Flip-flops, guys? Have a little dignity.

The secret to dressing for the airport lies in three things: picking comfortable and classic pieces that are easy to move in, appropriately layering so you can stay warm up in the sky, and finding the right pair of leather shoes that will get you to the next gate on time during that 10 minute layover. Here’s our idea for the perfect airport outfit…


The Pants

Find a pair of dark, casual trousers with a little bit of stretch in them. The style will elevate your look while secretly being more comfortable than jeans. Don’t go super-skinny on the cut—this is the perfect time for a more relaxed fit. Just make sure they’re not too long or else you’ll look like you’re wearing the wrong size completely.


The shirt

Balance the apparent sophistication of your pants with a more casual shirt. No need to break out the button down—instead pick a soft fitted t-shirt that’s that is completely graphic-less. If you’re the type who doesn’t take the chill of high altitude well, a thermal henley gives you the same casual look with the added warmth you need.


The layer

A utility jacket is the perfect layering piece for your airport outfit. Not only does it look good with the other pieces, but those extra pockets are great for storing your itineraries, keys, cell phone and the whatnot. Pick one in a dark, muted green or a crisp navy to add a little color to your look.


The shoes

Finally, you have to have the right shoes. Our favorite pick for the airport is the Paul Evans leather High-Top Sneaker. The extra padding means your feet will be comfortable no matter how far away the next gate. The sleek design is the perfect touch to your casual-but-not-sloppy ensemble. With the hidden-knot lacing, these are easy to slide off and on when you’re going through security. They’re simply all-around the perfect choice of airport shoe. Get your pair here.