Fall trend report: laceless Italian leather shoes

Sure it’s hot as hell outside, but that’s not going to stop Footwear News from going ahead and exploring the trends we will be seeing this upcoming fall season. The style they noticed on the men’s Fall 2015 runways? Laceless Italian leather shoes.

This easy-to-wear style seems like the natural choice for guys on the go, but they found the laidback trend incorporated in several high-fashion labels. Not all of them we love… Givenchy created some black dress shoes with elastics straps we’d rather pass on and Alexander McQueen debuted some slip on boots with chunky soles that are more trendy than timeless.

However, there were some laceless styles from the Fall 2015 shows we can really get behind. Monk straps, Chelsea boots, and oxfords with the strings removed all represent the laceless trend without trying too hard. The last thing you want to do is invest in a style you’re going to hate next year, so instead adapt to something more versatile and worth your investment.

The laceless look isn’t new. In fact, bespoke shoemaker Nikolaus Tuczek crafted side-gusseted full brogues with false laces in the early 20th century. Loafers have a history that goes back to dairy farmers in Norway. And Chelsea boots are about as classic rock-and-roll look as leather jackets and long hair. Needless to say, this “trend” isn’t one you should avoid for fear of it being fleeting. If you want to be safe, work with something that has history. History is more trusted than runway reports, anyways.

If you’re feeling adventurous—and your shoes fit well—experiment with taking the laces out of your favorite pair of oxfords. This look is best reserved for more casual settings. Think dark slacks and a button-down for drinks, not with your three-piece suit for a meeting with the CEO.