Paul Evans Italian leather shoes ranked: dressiest to most casual

While all our shoes are equally awesome, we are okay with admitting that not every single pair is appropriate for all occasions. There are degrees of dressiness to each pair of Italian leather shoes, from opera-appropriate to strictly streetwear. Here’s a handy little guide of how we rank Paul Evans shoes form the most formal to the very casual:



The Martin Wholecut | The Cagney Cap-Toe

Always accepted with a suit and tie, every guy should have a pair of black oxfords in their closet for their formal occasions. While the cap-toe is most commonly seen on guys about town, there’s something incredibly elegant about the seamless style of the wholecut. Get both just to be safe.



The Brando Semi-Brogue Oxford

Same shape, different style… all thanks to those stylish little dots that make brogue shoes so alluring. We would say while brogues are not acceptable in the most formal (read: black tie) of situations, they fit in just fine in situations that allow for a little more self-expression.



The Blucher

Call them derbys or call them bluchers, this style originated as a sporting shoe then became popular street style at the turn of the 20th century and haven’t looked back since. Their open-lacing system deems them more comfortable for many men, but not appropriate for the most formal wear. They are a great option for weekend suits or for pairing with chinos.


Monk Straps:

The Olivier Single Monk Strap | The Poitier Double Monk Strap

When a style is developed by monks whose daily wear consists of drab robes, you can’t expect the style to be acceptable for pairing with a tuxedo. However, despite their humble beginnings, monk straps are a fun and stylish addition to many guys’ wardrobes. Learn more about how to style them here.



The Newman Chukka Boot | The Dean Chelsea Boot

Boots may seem like they would only work in casual situations, but both of our styles are actually pretty versatile. Chukka boots look as great with a suit as they do with winter layers, but if you do want to wear them with a suit it is more appropriate when you’re dressed up for a night out with the boys… not for Monday morning in the boardroom. The Chelsea boot is maybe slightly less versatile, though definitely just as badass. Think of it this way: the easier and more comfortable they are, the less appropriate they are for formal wear.



The Stewart Penny Loafer | The Caine Bit Loafer | The Van Damme Belgian Loafer

It’s no secret that we love loafers, but one of the reasons behind our love is because they are the casual guy’s answer to the Italian leather shoe. Sure, you can wear them with a suit… but a great pair of loafers really look great with chinos and a cardigan.


Driving shoes:

The McQueen Driving Shoe

Let’s just say, when they’re the best shoes to wear with shorts, they are going to fall on the “casual” side of the scale.



The High-Top Sneaker

Last, but not least, our high-top sneaker is definitely the most casual style we offer. Of course, our sneakers are a few flights above your typical gym shoes—no shame in their game.