Seeing double with The Poitier

For guys that are just getting into curating their own collection of Italian leather shoes, some styles can come off pretty intimidating. One such style is the double monk strap. Are they trendy or are they old fashioned? Do the buckles work or will they come off as clunky? Are they better for dress wear or can they work with jeans?

Men tend to want to keep their shoes in either one category or another. When they’re confronted with something that doesn’t immediately fit into an obvious category, it can get overwhelming. However, these questions and this anxiety tend to dissipate once a guy gets acquainted with the double monk strap style and realizes its versatility as an Italian leather shoe.  It may surprise you to find out just how easy it is to pair double monk straps with your ensemble. While they can certainly look dapper with an English cut suit and coat, they can also pull of a much younger vibe with jeans or casual slacks.

The monk strap gets its name from its European origins. In an effort to create a shoe that gives more protection from the harsh winters, monks created the overlapping buckle style for a secure fit—hence the name “monk strap.” The shoe proved to be durable and the monk strap became standard work wear for these holy men. Their history explains a lot about the confusion we feel towards monk straps today. They definitely have their own special category without really fitting into any others.

Modern dressers have taken that misunderstanding and flipped it on its head. Instead of avoiding the monk straps altogether for their singularity, today’s sharp dresser sees every occasion as fit for wearing monk straps. They are even growing in popularity right along with the business casual trend. As more and more offices allow relaxed dress, the double monk strap fits right in with the increasingly common sight of chinos and cuffed sleeves. 

Part of the ease of wearing double monk strap shoes is its ease. You put them on and you’re set looking great the rest of the day. Without laces, the monk strap shoe has a sleek look that lends itself to various situations. When made from high quality leather, the upper cover secures a comfortable fit all day long. Sticking to the European roots of the style, The Poitier Double Monk Strap shoe is handcrafted and made from the finest Italian leather in the country.

Ready to see double in your closet? Pick out your pair of The Poitier Double Monk Strap here.